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Exclusive Hotstar USA Subscription Offer: Get 10% immediate discount ($5) on Annual Pack, Plus $10 Discount Coupon ( $100 Hotel Saving Card exclusively at Coupon Desi. You’ll get $110 against $44.99.

Read on to know about the best Hotstar offers USA.

Do you want to enjoy TV shows and blockbuster movies for almost Free in 2020? Yes, you heard that, right! You can now get unlimited access to TV shows and movies plus sports live streaming anytime and anywhere against a $44.99 Hotstar USA subscription.

Watch Hotstar in the USA:

Are you looking for the best online video streaming service? Read on to learn how to subscribe Hotstar using Promo code: Cup2020. Now your favorite Indian TV shows and live sports matches are just a few clicks away.

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Best Hotstar USA Offers with Promo: CUP2020

Is it worth buying Hotstar? You might be thinking that I am tricking you.  But the truth is I am here with the most amazing Hotstar offer, best offers ever! So, either you’re a sports nerd or looking for TV shows and smash-hit movies, Hotstar is the right choice for you.

Here’s what you’ll get with Promo: CUP2020

Get a 10% discount ($5) on Annual Pack, Plus $10 Discount Coupon ( $100 Hotel Saving Card exclusively at Coupon Desi.

Note: This offer will get over soon. Buy it or Buy it. Don’t lose this one!

Below are the Best Hotstar offers with Promo: CUP2020.

1.  Hotstar Offer1:

Get a 10% discount ($5) on Annual Pack if you apply with Hotstar Promo: Cup2020. Remember to enter Promo code first and then credit card details (Payment details). The actual price of the annual subscription is $49.99, but by using Promo: Cup2020, you’ll get the full year Hotstar subscription in just $44.99 or $3.75 per month.

2.  Hotstar Offer2:

If you subscribe through Promo: CUP2020, a $10 discount coupon will be provided ( to buy personalized gifts for your loved ones.

3. Hotstar Offer 3:

Being a proud partner of Hotstar, Coupon desi is awarding a $100 Hotel Saving card so that you can enjoy vacations with your family.

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Looking for more discounts? Stay with us till the end to reveal the most amazing Hotstar offer ever. I bet you can’t find such a super-duper offer anywhere in just $21.

How can you get Hotstar USA Annual Subscription in $22.5? | 50% Discount

The best part is Hotstar allows two streams for a full year, i.e., two persons can watch on a single account. Of course, you have to pay upfront $44.99 for an annual subscription because Hotstar offers only Annual Subscription.

Share it with your friend/family member to recover your paid amount and enjoy the annual subscription at $22.5($44.99/2). Isn’t it amazing? Don’t forget to enter Promo Code: CUP2020.

This offer will get over soon. Subscribe to this fantastic offer before it’s late. Trust me; you’re not going to regret buying Best Hotstar Offer by using promo: Cup2020.

Is Hotstar similar to Netflix?

Hotstar is India’s largest live streaming platform where you can get access to unlimited video content and every major global sports event. Netflix is providing world-class entertainment services over 190 countries.

Comparatively, Hotstar is available in three countries only (the USA, Canada, and India). Netflix costs you $10 per month as compared to Hotstar, which is ten times cheap, i.e., $1.9 (22.5/12) per month.

You can compare Netflix’s price with Hotstar. Whatever you will pay three months for Netflix, you can get a full-year Hotstar. Also, Hotstar is much better as cricket, and other live sports streaming is not available on Netflix.

Hotstar USA Subscription (Less than $1 per month)

I subscribe to Hotstar at $44.99 by applying promo: Cup2020. As Hotstar allows double stream (means two people) can watch on a single account, so Ishared my account with a friend against $2 per month ($24 annually).

You can try the same (though on your own risk) because I am not sure if your friend will give you $2/month. Just kidding!!! By using this trick, I am paying only $21 ($45-$24) from my pocket for a full year subscription. Yes, that’s true.

The entertainment and fun all in $1.75 per month ($21annually), plus a $100 Hotel Saving Bonus to spend a lovely time with family, isn’t it a real treat? Additionally, if I include $10 Discount Coupon ( to send gifts to my parents in India can make Hotstar plan more economical for me ($11 annually) i.e., less than $1 per month.  

Hotstar Free: 100% Discount

If you have already subscribed for Hotstar annual subscription using promo code: Cup2020. Here is good news for you. As Hotstar allows two streams, you can watch Hotstar on another device free for one year.

What If I forgot to enter Promo: CUP2020 | How to Cancel Subscription?

You might be wondering that if you forgot to enter promo code and Hotstar charge you the full amount, i.e., $49.99, can you cancel the subscription? Yes, cancel your subscription immediately within 48 hours to get your money back. Hotstar will refund your money without a single question. You need to subscribe again with a new email id to avail 10% discount.

Relax on the couch, and enjoy your favorite TV shows without any commercials. You can enjoy HD Quality Live Streaming plus 200 days of Live Cricket by subscribing annual Hotstar Annual Discount Offer.  Unlimited access to TV shows and Indian movies plus numerous live sports events anytime and anywhere. If you haven’t get subscription yet, go for it to enjoy a fantastic deal exclusively available at

Get 10% discount ($5) on Annual Pack, Plus $10 Discount Coupon ( $100 Hotel Saving Card exclusively at Coupon Desi.

How to Use Hotstar USA Promo Code: Complete Guide

Stay connected with us and enjoy the latest deals. Use the Promo code: Cup2020 to get $5.00 (immediate discount). You have to pay $44.99 as the upfront amount to enjoy live streaming of news, sports channel whole year. Follow below-mentioned steps to get immediate 10% discount:

  1. Go to
  2. Signup with your Name, email address, and password or register with your Facebook account.
  3. Click on start Subscription. Select from an annual subscription plan.
  4. You are now on the “Enter Your Payment Details” page. I will suggest putting the Promo code first and later credit card details.
  5. Click on “Have a promo code?” then enter code: Cup2020. Now click on Apply. You will see the price changed from $49.99 to $44.99, and the green checkmark applied on the right side.
  6. You’ll also get a $10 discount coupon ( plus a $100 Hotel Saving card by subscribing through CUP2020 code.
  7. This promo is available exclusively at coupon desi. You’ll get $110 in total just by spending $44.99.
  8. Check out the payment part and you are done. $44.99 is the total amount you will be paying for a full year.

Why is Hotstar so popular?

Hotstar is India’s largest live streaming platform where you can enjoy unlimited video content and every major global sporting event. Highly evolved video streaming technology makes Hotstar a complete video destination for Over the Top (OTT) video consumers.

Free Hotstar Premium Account for one month | Hotstar Free Trial

There is no 1-month free trial offer in the USA. In India, Hotstar is offering all new subscribers a free trial of one month. But the user must provide payment details to authorize their free trial. Hotstar may charge for a small amount.

Watch Hotstar for Free (Few minutes Free):

If you signed up Hotstar with your email id, then you can watch few minutes Hotstar free. Hotstar uses this trick to put you in a position to buy their subscription.

Can I Watch Hotstar in the USA via VPN

If you subscribed to Hotstar in India, you could watch Hotstar through that subscription only in India. Same with other countries, where Hotstar has been officially launched, so if you’re traveling to the USA, you’ve to cancel the subscription and buy Hotstar US offer.

There are many VPN websites out there that are promoting to purchase VPN first to watch Hotstar India in the USA. Let me reveal important information here- there is no connection between VPN and Hotstar.

Hotstar has now become popular amongthree international markets (USA, Canada, and the UK) besides India. If you want to watch Hotstar in the US, then you need to purchase Hotstar US annual subscription.

So, if you try to access Indian Hotstar Account through VPN, then it will be blocked by Hotstar any time so better not to purchase VPN and waste your time and money. Since Hotstar is just $45 for full-year, so I will strongly suggest you buy and Enjoy without any fear.

Watch Hotstar USA in any Streaming Device

It is available on App Store, Play Store, and Samsung Smart TV. Any streaming device you name it, they have a Hotstar app. My favorite streaming device to watch Hotstar is Roku and Firestick.

What is the New on Hotstar:

Most of the latest movies are available on Hotstar. I already watched a movie like Chhapak, TanhaJi, and Panga. Hotstar original “Special Ops” is my most favorite and it is breaking the records in terms of other Originals series. Many cricket lovers are desperately waiting for the upcoming cricket tournament mentioned below:

  • VIVO Indian Premier League 2020
  • India vs South Africa 2020

From the latest to old TV shows, mini-series to comedy, you’ll get unlimited access to  TV shows (60,000 plus hours) and 2000+ Indian movies plus numerous live sports events in 8 different languages anytime and anywhere.

Watch live news streaming and stay updated with the current situation and exclusive Hotstar specials from best filmmakers plus Oscar-winning treat only at Hotstar. To read more about hostar usa offers click here.